This is about us and everyone

It all started when my partner and I joined our families together and now have 5 beautiful girls. We went through the typical parent struggles of updating individual wardrobes every season, and hand-me downs became a real lifesaver particularly when working with a never -ending list of birthdays not to mention the Christmas blow-out.

The struggles are never completely gone but they do become easier when you find the right store to shop from. Clothes and accessories that are stylish, good quality, and yes affordable!

Knowing the struggles first-hand we were committed to finding a way to take the stress away from shopping for baby clothing and baby accessories. We now have our own store dedicated to bringing the joy and excitement back to your shopping.

Our store is named after our two eldest babies, where the excitement of parenthood started for each of us. We love to dress our girls in the clothing from our site so we can ensure the quality of the product and sizing are good enough for your little loves too.

We now have the pleasure of offering a range of maternity wear for mums-to-be.

Make sure to follow us @Milaandmikki for online updates and our newest products.

Becky and Jase x