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Belle Travel Change Clutch

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Introducing our Belle Travel Change Clutch to our collection!! 100% genuine leather just like her sister, the Emilia Bag! Carry the clutch by itself for short trips. It unfolds into a padded change mat, with a waterproof lining, sizeable pocket for wipes and nappies. A small zip pocket on the back for extra storage!!

  • Genuine Leather
  • Waterproof lining
  • Clasp to secure closed
  • Foldup storage pocket
  • Zip pocket on the front
  • Designed in NZ
  • Hand made in India




Introducing The Belle Travel Change Clutch By Mila and Mikki!

A modern Travel/change mat designed by us for you! 100% genuine leather, amazing quality and so beautiful!

Hand made in India


We want you to enjoy your Belle Travel Change Clutch for as long as possible, so follow these simple care and maintenance tips to look after your beautiful leather accessory.

By taking the time to care for your leather piece you will uphold the value and avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the life of your bag for years to come.


Everyday care:

  • Leather is a skin and can stretch. Avoid overfilling your bag, so it will maintain its original shape.
  • Take time each week to wipe away dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Avoid contact with heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces or chunk jewellery to prevent scratching.
  • Wet weather requires extra care, try to keep your bag as dry as possible.



  • Store away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Store away from artificial sources of heat i.e. radiators.


How to clean and maintain:

  • Regularly clean with a soft brush or cloth
  • Regularly air out
  • Blot away water or moisture as soon as possible
  • Dry wet leather naturally, away from artificial heat (hair dryer/radiator)
  • Use a specialized leather conditioner every 3-6 months
  • Clean spots and stains with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water
  • Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and removed build up from regular use
  • Test conditioners on a hidden spot beforehand
  • Don’t machine wash
  • Don’t get wet wherever possible
  • Don’t tumble dry
  • Don’t iron
  • Don’t immerse in water to clean
  • Use a soft leather cream to nourish, hydrate and preserve supple qualities

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Black, Tan

4 reviews for Belle Travel Change Clutch

  1. Jade

    Stunning change mat! So durable as well and I know it will last for babies to come!

  2. Jenna

    Super helpful travel clutch! It’s fantastic when doing a short trip as it can carry wipes and some nappies or as a comfy change mat to use in any environment ! Looks amazing and rolls up easy , and as a bonus the lining is wipeable making it great for spills and nappy changes ! Highly recommend for parents to get as the quality is above any other change mat!

  3. Shannon

    Such a stunning change mat – perfect to keep in my bag for on the go, super nice luxurious quality and doesn’t look like a change mat so I feel less like just a mum for a few minutes a day 😅 definitely going to purchase as baby shower gifts in the future!

  4. Shoshan

    Love this change mat! So handy for when we are out & about & need somewhere clean to change the kids or for a quick trip around the shops to keep a nappy & wipes in it!

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