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Emilia Day | Nappy Bag 100% Genuine Leather

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  • Our Emilia Bag Is 100% Genuine Leather
  • Water Resistant Inner Lining
  • Padded And Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Stroller Clips 
  • Bottom Feet For Added Protection 
  • Nine pockets, Five internal & Four external 
  • All Hand Made In India
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Size 38H x 32W x 15D
  • Weight 1.7kg Approximately 




Introducing Emilia By Mila and Mikki!

A modern day/nappy bag designed by us for you! 100% genuine leather, amazing quality and so beautiful!

Hand made in India


We want you to enjoy your Emilia bag for as long as possible, so follow these simple care and maintenance tips to look after your beautiful leather accessory.

By taking the time to care for your leather piece you will uphold the value and avoid unnecessary wear and tear and extend the life of your bag for years to come.


Everyday care:

  • Leather is a skin and can stretch. Avoid overfilling your bag, so it will maintain its original shape.
  • Take time each week to wipe away dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Avoid contact with heavily embellished clothes, sharp surfaces or chunk jewellery to prevent scratching.
  • Wet weather requires extra care, try to keep your bag as dry as possible.



  • Store away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Store in the dust bag provided to avoid scratching (avoid plastic).
  • Store away from artificial sources of heat i.e. radiators.


How to clean and maintain:

  • Regularly clean with a soft brush or cloth
  • Regularly air out
  • Blot away water or moisture as soon as possible
  • Dry wet leather naturally, away from artificial heat (hair dryer/radiator)
  • Use a specialized leather conditioner every 3-6 months
  • Clean spots and stains with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water
  • Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and removed build up from regular use
  • Test conditioners on a hidden spot beforehand
  • Don’t machine wash
  • Don’t get wet wherever possible
  • Don’t tumble dry
  • Don’t iron
  • Don’t immerse in water to clean
  • Use a soft leather cream to nourish, hydrate and preserve supple qualities

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10 reviews for Emilia Day | Nappy Bag 100% Genuine Leather

  1. Holly (verified owner)

    LOVE this nappy bag (would hardly call it that it looks way to good) I’ve been a mum 1.5 years and was looking for a great bag to invest in and this ticks all the boxes, amazing quality and know it will last years to come! Highly recommend, so happy with this investment ☺️

  2. Elysia (verified owner)

    As a mum of two, I required a robust and easy to use nappy bag for my 1 and 4 year old.

    I especially love the padded shoulder straps and the small front pockets for my keys, phone, wallet and the girls’ sun glasses and sunblock.

    A smoothie recently leaked though the side pocket – the bag cleaned up very easily and looks like new!

  3. Anonymous

    Now with my second child, for the first time I have a nappy bag that is so versatil

  4. Anelle (verified owner)

    For the first time I don’t have to choose between functionality and style. This nappy bag is beautiful in its design and o so user friendly. The pockets are wide and large enough to provide easy access to all your essentials and durable. The bag itself is lightweight thus easy to carry and handle even if packed with necessities for two kids. I would highly recommend this product.

  5. Monique Shaw (verified owner)

    Best bag ever! Looks so smart and so comfy. Love it!
    It is a little on the heavier side as it is leather but it is so well made that even when full, you don’t notice the weight at all. Quality product for sure. The pockets are well planned and laid out so that nothing gets lost inside and everything has a place. So easy to pack for everyday adventures.
    To top it all off… I think this little business has the best customer service I think I have ever experienced 👍

  6. Jenna (verified owner)

    This nappy bag is a game changer with being able to fit all the bits and pieces for our two under two kiddies ! Lots of room, comfy straps and big pockets for water bottles! Highly recommend to any parent looking for a bag that not only looks good but holds everything you need for your little ones !

  7. Teal

    Before I purchased my Emilia day bag I had gone through two expensive baby bags with my toddler who wasn’t even two years old. When I saw this bag the quality looked amazing and knew it would be a great investment that I would have no regrets about. I now have a toddler and a baby and I use this bag daily and there is plenty of space for clothes, nappies, toys, lunchbox, drink bottles etc. I love this bag and get so many compliments about it and even the hubby doesn’t mind wearing it when he’s out and about with the kids too!

  8. Shoshan

    Absolutely love this nappy bag! I’ve gone through 3 different types trying to find the perfect fit and this one is it! So much space to fit everything I need for my 3yr & 1yr old, lunches, drink bottles, nappies & change of clothes, toys, the change mat, plus space for the next baby coming soon! Husband also loves using it and doesn’t mind carrying it around! The change mat with it is the best combo

  9. Shan

    Incredible baby bag! We have 2 kids and so love it. Hardy, durable and looks so trendy.

  10. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Love my bag! It’s not super girly so husband happily wears it and so practical the way it sits open and upright and with all the pockets. Love that it doesn’t look like a traditional nappy bag. Fabulous customer service too!

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